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#QuickTipThursday: Four Platforms To Pay Attention To

Unless you’ve been hibernating for the past week, you will have seen the string of updates social and web platforms have come out with. Overall improving the experience of using them, we would say.

Here are our top four platforms to use:

1. Instagram: 


Instagram has listened to the cry of people and have made some great improvements. You now are no longer restricted to the square dimensions; this will allow the full landscape and portrait picture to be posted. This opens the app to the world of infographics instead of taking up space on your Facebook and Twitter.

And it’s moved more into the world of Snapchat with being able to easily DM your followers.

2. Pinterest:


Pinterest is definitely becoming the next big thing in social media. With boards, you can use it as a virtual catalog where people can easily see your products and where to purchase them. TIP: get creatively involved with unique boards. For all those social media savy people, don’t get *too* promotional with your content – add your mark to it!

3. LinkedIn:

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 18.00.22

Getting analytical…recent studies have shown that Facebook, Twitter and Google+ don’t produce leads and results for B2B companies like LinkedIn does. For the B2B, it is just not enough for people to follow – the promise of social for them is user data.

4. Vine:

Vine has been talked about before on our blog – but it’s kind of key to be able grab’s people’s attention with first few seconds. The great thing with Vine is having the ability to show off your creativity.

REMEMBER pick the platform that will help you market your company most effectively and will showcase what you have to offer. 

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