#QuickTipThursday – ​3 ways to Increase your Business through Instagram Stories

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#QuickTipThursday – ​3 ways to Increase your Business through Instagram Stories

3 ways to increase your business through Instagram Stories

1. Daily Live Updates – Share your creative process

People who follow your social media profiles have obviously taken an interest in your business and what better way to show them your product than with live updates. For example, @SophiaWebster updates her followers by showing them the process of making her shoes, starting with her brainstorming ideas and designs. Another example is @KylieJenner who shows the making and testing of her make-up products and asks followers for feedback. This is the perfect way to get your followers involved in the process and development of your product.


2. Link your website and other users to your Instagram story.

Adding the link to your website or related accounts to your Instagram stories allows your followers to directly click through to your website or other users in a more accessible way, which you can switch up with coloured text, location tags and funny decorations. People will be more likely to click the link when it’s presented well and with a call-to-action button than just the link in your biography.


3. Live Q&A of your product

This allows your followers to find out more about your product and shows behind the scenes clips, as well as enabling them to ask live questions. Going live on Instagram Stories enables your followers to relate your content to an actual personality behind the usual posts you produce. People like to see relatable content instead of just seeing your posts not knowing who or what is actually behind it. It will increase your engagement and followers.


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