Instagram VS Snapchat Filter Face-off!

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Instagram VS Snapchat Filter Face-off!

Instagram VS Snapchat Filter Faceoff!

So, incase you have been sleeping under a rock, Instagram has basically been coming at Snapchat for a while now and we don’t know why.

face filters

At first it was the stories, which became so popular that people, mainly celebrities and YouTubers started falling off and moving onto Instagram to show us their daily shenanigans. Although all of this shifted the dynamic, Snapchat still kept us grounded with its fun, beautiful and sometimes-weird filters.

We just cannot resist that dog face can we?

Face filters

Knowing this, Instagram schemed up what was one of the biggest rip offs of social media history. They added face filters! Unbelievably they have not caught a lawsuit, and frankly I, personally am intrigued by the mystery of this. Is Snapchat running out of money?

Instagram played dirty; they attacked the biggest marketing tool that Snapchat had. Luckily for Snapchat it is still popular and relevant, I’m hoping that Snapchat will find a way to get better and stay relevant and maybe copyright some of their marketing tools in the future (if they haven’t already done so).


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