Social media doesn’t have to be negative!

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Social media doesn’t have to be negative!

Social media doesn’t have to be negative!

Social media has hit the entire world by storm. These free applications that make it all about us. Which makes our lives look appealing and more interesting. This behaviour is what other people hate. Believe it or not, a lot of people purposely avoid public networks because of the way people use it. Adults are usually complaining about their teenagers being overly obsessed, and less communicative.

We get it. The selfies, the “look at me I’m riding a bike in Central park ”, the glorious food pics. We know it can all get a bit, well…selfish.

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On the contrary, you have to remember it is the person behind the post that has the power to post what they want. That is the key to posting in itself.

We know that these things can be about “me” but it doesn’t have to be. Oftentimes, people avoid what could potentially be a positive experience or just good old plain fun when they actively choose to avoid these networks.

So let’s try one out, let’s pick Instagram for example. You open your account, and now you post a picture that you like or love (let’s say it’s about meditation). You then post a caption about how you feel regarding this for example “Meditation is a great way to start the morning”.  If you want to use hashtags to bring people in you can, or if you want to be a little discreet at first keep it plain then leave them out.

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The point is that what you post is what YOU make it. You have the power to put out some positive in a world where there can be a lot of negativity and selfishness. If you want change, then you have to be the change you want.


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