Make your YouTube channel stand out!

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Make your YouTube channel stand out!

Make your YouTube channel stand out!

There are hassles in life that are just not worth it, but if you crack the YouTube code, then you could potentially be earning way above the average salary! And we’re talking way above. So for #QuickTipThursday we are showcasing 3 ways for you to get noticed on YouTube.

Nicknames– Once you have established your audience or even before then you should be talking to them like your friends; so many YouTubers call their fan base a nickname to establish the bond between them.

YouTube channel: Swoozie1Catchphrases- catchphrase is way for your audience to remember you by; you will notice that some of the huge YouTubers always have a catchphrase at the beginning or the end of their video so you remember them.

YouTube Channel: ZoellaThumbnails- Thumbnails (especially when you are a brand new YouTuber) is the main way to drive people to your channel, so make them bright, bold and eye-catching so that people will be drawn to your video.


We hope these tips were helpful, good luck on your journey to becoming a successful YouTuber!

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