3 ways to pop off your Snapchat career

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3 ways to pop off your Snapchat career

3 ways to pop off your Snapchat career

Most people would not think of Snapchat as a way to market themselves, but it is in fact one of the best ways to gain followers and to KEEP followers!


So here are a few tips to help your career on Snapchat:


  • The first tip is to actually talk to your followers; it’s great to type a message to them especially if they engage with you first, BUT what’s even better is if you send them personal videos replying back to them, this shows just how much you care to engage. Videos take more effort, and followers know this so they would appreciate this so much more.kim kardashian snapchat


  • The second tip is to get your followers to comment emojis to help increase curiosity to your Snapchat. Huge YouTubers such as ThatsHeart announces her new video and then tells her followers to comment a specific emoji (like the fire emoji) if they saw this video advertised from Snapchat. Having those emojis commented increases curiosity and makes the viewer feel like they are missing out on something which will then bring them to Snapchat.


  • The third tip is post things outside of your other social media, you need to give people a reason to follow you on Snapchat, telling stories are really popular on Snapchat if you were to tweet “You need to hear what happened to me at this restaurant the other day on Snapchat” this will drive people to your Snapchat.kevin hart


Those were your three tips! We hope to see your career turn around soon! Let us know if these tips worked for you!


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