How to make your Instagram stand out!

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How to make your Instagram stand out!

How to make your Instagram stand out!

Now and again, we can come across Instagram accounts that look really good. So good, in fact that we believe most people have probably thought of doing a theme for their Instagram themselves.


So, here we thought of a few ways to help your Instagram stand out so that you’ll be the envy of a few people.


Decide on a theme: Having a theme is what draws visual attention from the start, what kind of theme do you want? What is it that interests you? Do you like certain colours? Are you only going to take pictures in the daytime? Those are just some of the questions that take place in order for you to decide.Inspiring-Instagram-accounts_0005 (1)


Videos: You don’t have to be a makeup guru or fashionista to get over 100 views on your videos. Depending on your theme you may need a professional camera to do a 1minute video for Instagram or if your theme is less personal, like showcasing your love for cartoons, take clips and edit them to make an engaging video.

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Pictures/Banners: The pictures you take or upload are very important they must always match the theme, if you want to upload other things then upload on Instagram story. Also, uploading picture banners always makes people notice

Instagram stories: If you’ve chosen to do a theme, it can be difficult to do personal videos. However, if you want to do personal videos of you going about your day, it’s a good opportunity to show the more humanised version of you, so whether that is going to get some coffee, or walking the dog it can help engaging with your followers.

We hope this advice was helpful, check out our other blogs to see more social media advice!

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